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Behind The Scenes Mr Dave “Rockabilly” James

Posted by The MindMusicMentor on November 19, 2009

Hi There,

Having guest musicians help out at our Live Play On Stage student shows – is part of the appeal for Guitar students playing.

When my student Lewis decided he wanted to play HeartBreak Hotel originally by Elvis Presley, there was only one Guitarist I could think of to help out.

A guitarist who has shared the stage with many of the old Rock N Roll and Rockabilly greats including :-

  • Bill Hailey’s Comets – originally did Rock Around The Clock
  • Buddy Holly’s Crickets – who first did Peggy Sue
  • Johnny Kidds Pirates – British band that recorded Shakin’ All Over

And he even shared the stage with Elvis drummer DJ Fontanna who in 1956 played drums on Heartbreak Hotel way back in 1956.

Now when Lewis found out that our guest, Mr Dave James, was playing with him, he was a little nervous, he even asked if Dave wanted to do the guitar solo.. but Dave insisted that Lewis play the solo.

Fortunately we caught the performance of Lewis performing Heartbreak Hotel with Dave James, Ollie and Aiden, and you’re about to see why Young Lewis was slightly nervous but excited about this performance on the video below…

And here’s a short interview where Dave James tells what it was like to play with the Rock N Roll greats including Elvis drummer DJ Fontanna and some more about the Coventry Rockabilly Society Covabilly on this video here :-

And here’s Dave who also fronts the high energy Rockabilly band Eager Beavers playing the Buddy Holly Classic Oh Boy with Ollie and Aiden from the Houseband on Bass and Drums below :-

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