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How Long Does It Take To Learn The Guitar?

Posted by The MindMusicMentor on November 19, 2009

 Hi There,

Maybe You’re excited about learning the guitar and want to know how long it takes?

Well it depends on what your idea of being able to play the guitar is – whether that’s

  • playing some of your favourite songs by your heroes, or..
  •  You being able to improvise and play guitar solos, or..
  • Being good enough to be in a band.. or
  • You being able to write your own songs, and progressions on the guitar or even
  • just being good enough to actually perform live on stage, either with a band or on your own..

I’ll answer that question for myself first, and I know that as much as I’ve learned and progressed over the years, there’s always a lot more for me to learn..

No I don’t know it all… and yes I still spend time learning and practicing between the lessons I give.. and yet the easiest question to answer is..

What takes the longest time of all?

That’s a really easy question to answer.. the answer is just one word..ready….


You know people who say I really wish I actually got round to… (fill in the blank)…

if only I didn’t keep telling myself one day I will actually get round to learning to play the guitar, taking my playing to the next level, going past my frustrations or whatever else it happens to be for you..

There’s a reason that there are Guitar Heroes… the sad fact is that its because very few people actually do it..

it has nothing to do with talent, absolutely nothing to do with natural ability..

As you’re reading this now, stop and answer these questions for yourself.. (even if you only manage one, that’s okay)…

What is it that you like about the guitar…

 • what style of music is it..

• what guitarists are they, whether bands or solo artists..

 • and what type of guitarist would you like to be?

This really does make all the difference..even if you can only quickly answer one of those questions…

Many years ago when I started lessons, I was the worst player..or so it seemed to me at the time…

I’m sure if my old Guitar Teacher were still alive, he would have a shock to hear that I was teaching guitar, helping students move towards their goals and towards their dreams on this fantastic versatile instrument.

And the reason I was the worst student for one whole year.. was because I was being taught music that I had absolutely no interest in..

But I was still fascinated by the Guitar, and it wasn’t until I found a teacher that was as interested in what I wanted to learn, my particular challenges, that could motivate and inspire me  that I made real progress really fast..

In fact I remember two years later giving a talk on the Electric Guitar at school..

 and a very enthusiastic Girl, who tried to plug my guitar into the mains socket.. Electric Guitars need electricity right!!..

So Yes my classmates thought about me differently, and I was “ Mr Popular” until two weeks later when someone else gave a talk on football.

So back onto  How long does it take To Learn The Guitar?…

Well you know the answer of what can take a lifetime, that one word.. regret..

And as you’ve read this far, I know that word regret won’t be applied to you!

Til Next Time


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