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Nicky Garrett – UKSub Guitarist whose sound could be heard on 90s and 21st Century Punk and Indie Music

Posted by The MindMusicMentor on December 19, 2009

Nicky Garrett

A major Guitar influence on 90s and 21st Century Punk Rock
Punk rock was supposed to be a fad of the mid to late 1970s, and yet with the resurgence of guitar music in the early 1990s, through the grunge movement – it seems that the Punk guitar sound still features in a lot of mainstream music.
While bands like Sex Pistols, Clash and Damned were the first to have hits around 1977; it was a later wave of band that perhaps had more of an influence on the modern bands sound, bands like Blink 182, Green Day and Bowling for Soup.


One band that had perhaps more influence on these modern day punk bands than most was UK Subs, with the Guitar work of Nicky Garrett.
Originally formed as the United Kingdom Subversives in the mid 1970s, their chart hey day was between 1979 and 1980; the UK Subs output from this period even sounds contemporary today.

Rather than the more 70s influenced boogie type sound of Steve Jones of The Sex Pistols, and Mick Jones of the Clash – Uk Subs Guitarist Nicky Garrett had a much more rapid fire way of playing – using exclusively down picking on riffs and using very fast picking on his guitar solos.

Here’s a few samples of the UK Subs classic songs, so you can hear how they have directly influenced some of the modern Punk bands :-

Here’s the song Teenage from 1980 :-






And this is their cover of the Zombies “She’s Not There” from 1979 :-

From the early 1980s, the classic line up of the UK Subs changed – although over the years Nicky Garrett has been an on and off guitarist.

While they continue to gig even to this day, since 2004 – Nicky Garrett has once again took the mantle of Lead Guitarist.
Singer Charlie Harper was a part of the 1960s Rhythm and Blues Scene – when he formed the UK Subs – their first studio album, featuring Nicky Garrett, was called Another Kind of Blues.

Here’s the studio version of Telephone Numbers from their first album :-





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