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All Right Now – Paul Kossoff – Free

Posted by The MindMusicMentor on January 4, 2010

All Right Now – one of the all time classic, almost timeless Blues Rock classics.

Featuring the Guitar Playing of Paul Kossoff – its almost hard to believe that Paul recorded this way back in 1970 with his band Free, which also featured Singer Paul Rodgers.

The Band were formed back in 1968 and would support big acts of the Day including Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac.

It was the song “All Right Now” which would catapult Free to world wide acclaim – reaching Number 2 in the Uk Charts, Number 4 in The USA, and actually reach number 1 in over 20 different countries.

In recent years, there has been more interest in Free and All Right Now, Wrigleys Chewing Gum Manufacturer featured the song in a TV Commercial.

While Paul Kossoff, with his distinct lead guitar sound, sadly died in 1976 – singer Paul Rodgers continues to perform, more recently on Lead Vocals for Rock Band Queen.

Here’s the studio version of Free Doing All Right Now :-

And here they are performing on Top Of The Pops in the UK :-

And here’s a rare Australian clip from 1969 – before the song became famous :-

And finally from one of our Live shows – here’s Guitar Student Dan making his stage debut playing.. you guessed it All Right Now — Dan didn’t rehearse with the band before hand, first time on stage means exactly that, he literally met them moments before going on stage – something to do with the very specific ways we had him learn and practice the song.

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