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Aqua Marina Theme Swing Jazz Style – from Arnold & Dan

Posted by The MindMusicMentor on January 4, 2012

Hi There – so above from the workshop Dan and Arnold with a swing jazz interpretation of Aqua Marina…

and below here they are performing at the student show :-

Arnold’s playing has evolved hugely allowing him to now handle not only Blues, but also Jazz and Rock musical situations – both playing chords/rhythm guitar – pre-planned solos and also improvising in all three.

Here are some of Arnold’s musical highlights  showing just how far his playing has come through to now :-

And ofcourse not forgetting Dan – equally showing to be capable in Jazz and Blues while still holding his own in rock – styles – here are some highlights of Dan playing classic AC/DC, Iron Maiden style and even some Metallica – seems his musical foundations just keep getting stronger and stronger :-

And here was Dan rehearsing Iron Maiden’s Transylvania at a workshop – with Ben and David – before closing the summer show with this classic from Maiden’s debut album :-

Til Next Time


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