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Getting Ready For July Workshop and The Theme Is

Posted by The MindMusicMentor on June 19, 2012

Following on from the May MastterClass on Rock and Blues Guitar Sequences from London Guitarist Greg X – just finalising details on the July Workshop where the theme will be on rhythm guitar playing, and specifically in how to lock Your guitar playing in with drums.

This workshop will be different to before as once again there will be no stage lights and no audience – but also all the playing will be done off stage – as well so that way everyone can get much more playing done, a great opportunity to play for longer time and at volume, without upsetting the neighbours and also with live drums as well – something that is difficult for You to do at home, without shaking the walls and causing the furniture to vibrate as well.

Here are some highlights from the last Masterclass and also extracts from the Long Workshop until The July Workshop.

If You are interested in more details on the workshop, click the contact button at the top and fill out the form – there are only a few places left, numbers are being kept down to make sure everyone gets a level of attention they need, though once the places are gone, they’re gone – so best click contact and fill out the form NOW!


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