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Guitar Is Good for Your Brain – Official

Posted by The MindMusicMentor on June 26, 2012


One of the most obvious reasons to persist in learning about music is that it may actually be good for your brain. Over a dozen studies in the last decade have shown correlations between musical training and achievement in other domains. There is reason to think that people with musical training may be better at learning foreign languages, and they tend, on average, to have higher IQs”.

This is a quote by Gary Marcus – author of new book “Guitar Zero” – which tells the story of a mature guitar student who as well as starting to learn guitar at age 39, also happens to be a professor of Psychology – giving him a unique insight into the process as he finally does this one thing he had kept putting off for many years.

Because of how learning Music uses both the left and right sides of the brain – experts belief that developing Musical skill is a great way to improve general learning – whether that be Mathematics, learning foreign languages or just learning in general.

So according to Guitar Zero Author Gary Marcus – Guitar is Good for Your Brain – It’s official – in case You need another reason to Rock Out!




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