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Power Chords To Pentatonics – Changing from Rhythm to Lead Guitar

Posted by The MindMusicMentor on July 9, 2012

Hi There,

One of the challenges You can face as a Guitar Player is not always being able to play something – but rather it can be having the skill, the ability to connect two things that You can already play smoothly together.

An obvious example from Rock, Blues Indie Guitar is making the transition from playing chords to playing lead guitar.

All too often many guitarists play and practice rhythm guitar,and then You might practice playing lead guitar – separately – perhaps using Minor Pentatonic Scales or someother scales or soloing ideas.

The danger is though – unless You form the habit in your playing of being able to transition – that is smoothly change from playing chords to playing lead guitar – then in a real life playing situation this could so easily catch You out – in other words NOT that You can’t play chords, or that You can’t play some solo ideas – but rather that You can’t easily CHANGE between rhythm and lead.

This is something You need to spend time on if One of Your Guitar goals is to be able to play not only rhythm guitar – but also smoothly change to lead guitar.

And this was something that Our students practiced at Yesterdays Summer Immersion Rock & Blues Guitar BootCamp – where You will see and hear students making the transition between Power chords and pentatonic lead guitar ideas – with live drums.

While in this video there are many guitarists playing all at once – in real life training and developing the skill of changing between Rhythm/ chords and Lead Guitar could mean potentially that You can make the transition to being the ONLY guitar player in a band, alongside drums and bass, easily and effortlessly interchanging between chords and Lead Guitar solo ideas – as You are about to see Students exactly that from yesterday’s Summer Bootcamp Now :-

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Andres Guitar Academy – Where Students Have Fun & Learn to change from Rhythm To Lead – Power Chords To Pentatonics!



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