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Guitar Lesson from 2012 Olympics – why many are wrong and Bronze Adlington is Right!

Posted by The MindMusicMentor on August 7, 2012

You must be living miles away from a TV, or Internet  not to have noticed the Olympics over the last week – and while I haven’t been watching all of the sports events – there is one thing that has been coming up over and over again in the last few days – that can’t escape Your attention – and this one thing not only applies to Olympics and Sports – but directly relates even to Guitar Playing and potentially even You as a Guitar Player, as You will discover in a moment.

Now its not about the actual “physical activities” that go on within sports and music making – Ofcourse muscles are used in both – though with Guitar its more about training the small muscles in the hands rather than using and exhausting the bigger muscles in your arms and legs –

Though this does remind me of the time a retired kickboxer started to learn guitar and was struggling because he was putting in way too much effort, way too much muscle, his whole bicep, tricpe and even was putting his “back in to it”  – and was actually a little shocked when he came to learn that it was about training and isolating and using the small hand muscles – muscles which while they do need specific types of training will never bulge.

This lesson learned from the Olympics has nothing to do with the physical aspects – more to do with what some of the athletes had to say after they had taken part – especially those who took part and didn’t win Olympic Gold.

Some athletes described how they felt deeply disappointed with themselves, some described this as feeling gutted – even those who went on to win silver or bronze – with one noticeable exception – and it is always worth listening to the exception – especially when it happens to be someone who did win Olympic Double Gold in Beijing in 2008 – while at London 2012 she won double Bronze.

And Don’t worry this is leading up to the Guitar Learning part in a moment – back to the Olympic build up to the story for a moment.

In her blog post, reported by The Evening Standard – Rebecca talked about having an amazing Games – even though this time round she won a double bronze (coming third) compared to Beijing’s Double Gold.

So how is it possible that Rebecca Adlington still exuded this enthusiasm while so many other athletes who missed Gold talked about how disappointed they felt, how they had let themselves down and some even appologising to the country, to Britain for not winning Gold – is it how some commentators have mentioned the “winning mentatlity” that its all about coming first – and that silver, coming second is the starting point for all the losers.

Personally I’m not convinced – and quoting from Adlington’s blog here’s the clue :-

“I gave it my absolute all and I can honestly say I don’t have any regrets as I couldn’t have done anything more.

So does this mean that she gave it her all just at the Olympics, on the day of her events when she competed?

– well that’s one interpretation – though I doubt it – I believe she meant she gave it her all in all the training and all the work that she did between the Beijing Olympics of 2008 and the London Olympics of 2012 – and by giving it her all – and knowing that on the days of here Olympic events – the Rebecca Adlington that showed up was the best Rebecca Adlington that she could be – then that is the reason, the answer why I believe she said she had no regrets, that’s what she meant by giving it her all.

The flip side of this, is that our disappointments come about when we do something, and don’t get the result we wanted – because deep down we know that we didn’t do all that we could have done.

This wasn’t what Rebecca said – she said she gave it her all, and that’s why she was really pleased about getting her Bronze – she was also very gracious and appreciative to the support of the crowd and also the training and support from her team of coaches.

And the lesson with Guitar is that disappointment often comes not from “not being first” or making  comparisons with other guitar players – often times it comes because deep down You likely feel You could be better, You should be better and yet are not playing better because You are not doing all the things that You know to do.

Often times its not our coulds and shoulds that  make You better, better as a Guitar Player or infact anything else in life..

Instead its our Musts – when Playing Guitar becomes Important to You,when Making Music becomes a Must, and not just a could or a should, that’s when You consider seeking out Teachers and Coaches to help You transform Your playing to How You really want to Play – and knowing that You are giving it everything keeps You focussed on Your unique path to Progress as You Become The Guitar Player You deep down know You can be.

The seeds of doubt always seem to come up when deep down You know You are not doing everything You can do – and that is likely the reason real results run away from You.

And Yet By Making, Making Music a Must, and like Rebecca in her athletics, doing everything You know You could, should and Must do, will put You on the Path to Progress and breakthrough, allowing You to Be the Best Guitar Player that You Can Be!

Til  Next Time



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