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First Time RockaBilly at Our Workshop – Matchbox/ Carl Perkins

Posted by The MindMusicMentor on September 10, 2012

Hi There,

Something different from the last Workshop – as well as classic rock and blues – there was a little Rockabilly – where students had the chance to practice rockabilly rhythms as well as try out some 1950s type solo ideas along with live drums – often times music like Rockabilly can get neglected and yet for Guitarists that are looking to be versatile and aim to be proficient playing multiple styles – some understanding of  rockabilly/ early rock n roll from the 1950s – the decade that really defined ” The Teenager” – is really key – and what better way to explore this important foundation of  many later rock styles than being immersed in this Music at a Workshop… as You will see in the video below :-

Til Next Time


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