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How 20 Minutes Practice Can Be Better Than 1 Hour and 1 Thing That is Non Negotiable

Posted by The MindMusicMentor on December 24, 2016

Because You Want To Squeeze Down The Time It Takes

Because You Want To Squeeze Down The Time It Takes

Because everybody seems to want to achieve more in less time, I often tell students that it is possible for them to get more out of a 20 minute practice session than a 1 hour practice session – and this makes Guitar more practical because people tell me it can be easier to find 20 minutes to practice than a whole hour.

But there are some conditions around this; First I mean a focussed 20 minute practice session, instead of a random 60 minute meander, mooching about which can mean playing what you already know, or just going between random youtube videos.

And by focussed I also mean Priming Your Musical Mind; that is using specific rhythmic movements to get yourself out of distracted (and often stressed) life mode, and ready for Music Making mode.

The beauty of this is you can even use NET Time (that is no extra time) when You are fo example travelling back at from work, or from your studies at school or college to get your self all primed up, and ready to go.

So that way when you do pick up and play – You are already primed and focussed to go – so this way Yes You can get more out of a focussed 20 minute practice session.

But You can go one step further; and this is a tip I share with students – if You find that your practice session is going really well; then after 20 minutes You really should continue, unless life has absolutely got in the way.

This is like football free kick practice (not that I was ever any good at football, but the example came to me) where if that ball is getting in, that’s when you really want to crank things up – and it’s the same way with Guitar practice – that’s when you really want to engae.

But I’ve Got No Time To Practice ….

And my honest answer to this, and I would be doing you a massive disservice if I didn’t mention this  – is that the magic number is 1440 – everyone has 1440 minutes in the day – no exceptions  (24 hours x 60 minutes is 1440!) – it’s rarely about time poverty it is about time priority – isn’t it strange how You and I we can both make time for the things that we enjoy, the things that we think of as being important, exciting and enjoyable.

Ofcourse absolutely life can sometimes get in the way, there can be those times, when for whatever reason You can’t physically get tot he guitar – though again, if You’ve been reading through to here, You know that provided You have that NET time (No Extra Time) You can at least do some specific focussed listening away from the guitar; and when You do this, You are what I call Maintaining Your Musical Momentum.

And time can seem to fly literally when You’re having fun!


One of the reasons we have workshops, various themed events, open mikes, shows and yes even Social Music related events is to keep You inspired – because when You’re inspired You can make time, and when You make time You Make progress.

So what’s the difference between an Immersion Lesson and a Guitar Lesson – and how did that come about.


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