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If Music Making Were A Meeting

Posted by The MindMusicMentor on December 24, 2016


One of the challenges with Meaningfull Music Making, that perhaps You’re not so used to in your day to day life, is that Music Making happens in real time; however sometimes what we do at work, or in our careers or in our studies whether at school or in college does not have to happen in real time.

Take meetings for example – it is possible to be distracted in a meeting, and get away with it – except you can’t get away with that in music making – why ?

Because when its time to for example change from a G chord to a C chord, then that is the change you make – You cannot hide in music making with the “old” aah I’ll get back to you about that – it doesn;t work like that in music.

Because Music Making happens in realtime – there is no hiding place.

Unfortunately if doubt and negative thoughts kick in, that could deceive you into thinking your challenge is bigger than it actualy is.

And yet this isn’t possible. Why ? Because by definition any art form, whether that’s guitar playing or anything else, is all about making subtle focussed distinctions.

And when it comes to Transition Sticking Points – if it is a case of You can;t change from a G chord to a C chord – then If You’ve already read the posts to here – you know it’s all about Priming Your Musical Mind, and then focussing on the specific transition sticking point, in this case changing from a G chord to a C chord – and with focussed practice where you use your attention to chunk that into two finger movements – then yes you are able to navigate that transition – and if that happens to be the only transition sticking point holding you back – then Yes You are then able to Play through that whole exercise, that whole msuical idea, or even that whole song – instead of being caught out by G to C.

All too often we unwittingly don;t realise that we’re not focussed, until we get to the guitar… and maybe go arghhh but I should be able to play that.

As I tell students, the music doesn;t change – But you might – and if you have had a particularly stressfull day, then LL YOU NEED TO DO is follow three steps – first Prime Your Musical Mind, Next Follow with focussed repetitions on the Transition Point before pulling everything together into something taht is meaningfull musical and motivational.

Ofcourse it is one thing to have an understanding of this at the concept level, intellectualy – but the benefit is when You work with an experienced Coach and Trainer who can guide you through the process; which includes the process of practice – and next we;’ll discuss how 20 minutes of practice can be better than 1 hour – and the one thing that You absolutely cannot avoid.


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